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High quality custom pallets in Melbourne

For many businesses and industries, pallets are a key component in their supply chain. To make sure that you have pallets that meet all of your unique requirements, we at Aussie Pallets in Melbourne specialise in creating custom pallets specifically optimised and refined to offer maximum performance at affordable prices.

Standard Pallets

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A standard Australian pallet is 1165x1165mm. Also known as a 2-way pallet, these pallets allow forklift access from the front and back. Please get in touch if you wish for your pallet to be stencilled. Our standard pallet range includes:

  • One-way freight pallets. A cost-effective solution for non-returnable pallets.
  • Multi-use standard pallets. Their design is optimised for safe handling in internal warehouse situations.
  • Cardboard exchange pallets.
  • Lightweight standard pallets . Designed to reduce freight costs, and for lightweight applications.
  • Heavy-duty standard pallets. These AS4068 certified Australian pallets are great for high load freight and racking situations.

Custom Pallets

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Recently, the custom pallet market has been saturated with over-priced and under-performing custom pallets. Typically manufactured in low volumes, they use labour-intensive manufacturing techniques.

After an extensive review of the market, we at Aussie Pallets have developed a selection of custom pallets that take advantage of high volume manufacturing techniques and optimised design to deliver a cost-effective and highly efficient custom pallet solution.

  • Aussie Half Pallet. 1165 x 600 Half Pallet suitable for small loads in pallet optimised environments.
  • Aussie Double Pallet. 2400 x 1165 Double pallet suitable for over size racked loads or freight.
  • Aussie Skid

Export Pallets

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With nearly half of Australia’s exports being subject to Free Trade Agreements, the Australian export industry is stronger than ever. We offer flexible and efficient transport solutions for Australian businesses exporting goods worldwide.

As a participating member of the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS), our export pallets are heat-treated to comply with ISPM-15 (the international standards for pallets). This means that we do not use any hazardous chemicals to treat our materials, and can offer a certificate upon request.

Furthermore, the presence of our own heat-treating facility on site means we can supply export pallets at short notice. Our export pallet range includes:

  • 1090 x 1090 medium duty Australian export pallets. Ideal for double stacking high load goods or bulker bags.
  • 1140 x 1140 light duty export pallets. Optimised for light loads and maximum export efficiency.

Boxes and crates

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Crates and boxes are a cost-effective and ideal way to transport fragile or difficult to palletise items. We at Aussie Pallets can create and customise any crate or box imaginable. You can also choose to add unique design features including hinged doors, storable ramps, load binder points or foam inlays.  Just let us know:

  • Approximate weight
  • Internal dimensions
  • Product type

To find out more about our custom pallet solutions, give us a call on  03 9310 2888.
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